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Frequently Asked Question

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How does credit repair work?

Credit Repair is the process of removing and correcting inaccurate or erroneous information from your credit report. Our job is to dispute these items with all three major credit bureaus to ensure your credit report is accurate, up-to-date, and as strong as possible.

How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

Everyone’s credit situation is different, and there is no specific time frame that you can ensure your credit will be repaired. However, the average duration of time it takes to fully repair a client’s credit report ranges from four to six months.

The duration of time does depend on the number of items reflected on your credit report, the severity of the items, and the responsiveness of the credit bureaus.

What Is The Cost?

The plan you qualify for is based on the negative items reflected on your credit report. There is a one-time flat fee and the fee is case by case. One client may have two negative items that need to be deleted and may pay a couple hundred dollars, to where you may have someone with 50 negative accounts that need to be deleted and will pay a few thousand to fix the entire report. In order to know the cost before you decide to move forward, we offer a FREE phone consultation with our credit experts. Just click get started today and we will get you started.

Is There A Couples Discount?

Yes! If you and a significant other are both looking to get started together, the start-up fee and monthly fees are discounted by 50%. You do not have to be married, you can join with any of your family members or a friend!

How Do I Get Started?

You can Get Started today! Simply fill out our 60-second form, and within moments you will be connected with your dedicated credit coach, who will reach out to you, answer any questions, and help you finish enrolling in the program. They will also review your report with you and have your disputes sent out within 24 hours!

Are Upgrades Ever Needed?

Not at all! You will never need to pay more for extra services. If you need help, we are here to assist you in the best way possible.

Our service includes a detailed evaluation to create a tailored plan of action that will help you improve your scores, maintain your scores, and help you reach any financial goals you have set.

How Many Items Do You Dispute At A Time?

We dispute EVERY negatively impacting item that is reflected in your credit reports, with your first round of disputes being sent out within the first 24 hours of completing your enrollment.

Do We Have To Be Married To Get The Couples Discount?

No, you don’t! Whether you are looking to join with your significant other, family, or even friend, we will offer you the same discounted rate.

Does This Program Help Me Consolidate Debt?

We are not a debt consolidation company. If you have a high amount of debt that’s active and would like some guidance on what you should do, as an active client, we will provide you with the necessary feedback on how to address the situation.

How Do I Know If I Need Credit Repair?

The reason why we have so many positive reviews on so many platforms is that we operate our business on integrity and complete transparency. If you are unsure whether or not you need your credit repair, give us a call and allow us to conduct a free consultation for you. If you need it, we will tell you why and if you don’t, we will provide you with feedback on why you don’t and what you can do to improve without our services. At Credit Supreme, your goals are our goals.

Does Paying My Bills Improve My Credit Score?

Yes and no. Paying your bills on time will improve your credit score in the long run, but it will not offset or remove accounts that are currently in a negative status. Paying an account that has already obtained delinquent or derogatory status will not improve your credit score; the status of the account is the main contributor to your credit score.

What Are The Three Major Bureaus?

The three major credit bureaus are nationwide bureaus and are also referred to as Credit Reporting Agencies. The three major credit bureaus are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

They are privately held companies that sell personal and financial information in the form of credit reports to businesses, creditors, and financial institutions. They use this information to make an educated decision about whether lending to you is a financial risk or not.

Due to secret-keeping behavior by these companies in the past and the ever-increasing importance of credit in the lives of the American people, the government has implemented laws to reduce the power of these companies and allow consumers to defend themselves from any misrepresentation.

What Areas Do You Service?

We service clients nationwide! As long as you are a US citizen, we can step in and help you take the right steps to credit success. We are based in Sacramento, CA, and have multiple offices and affiliates across the country.

Do I Have To Do Any Work?

We are a full-service credit repair company, we do it all for you! Leave the tedious and busy work to us, and rest assured you are in great hands.